Nurturing Great Kids, Day 12

Today’s reading is drawn from Titus 3:9.

Keep Perspective

There are usually two types of people in every family. Those who like to hash everything out and those who like to let things pass. Although there are times when discussion and a deeper understanding will be profitable, there will be other times when the “let it go” philosophy will be best.

How often has something trivial in your family grown into something huge? Your children have witnessed this and have learned from that example. Use discernment to determine when an issue is really big enough to take center stage. Otherwise, know when it’s profitable to say you’re sorry and learn to let it go. If you ask older people what they wish they would have done more of in their life, they will often say “let things go.”

Everyone should learn this early on in their family life because of how it will benefit their home. Teach your children to forgive each other and to not bring those issues back up later after they’ve been resolved. Be willing to grow if this is your weakness as a parent. You might be frustrating your children to no end with your constant bombardment of an area you always focus on.

Parenting Principle

Know when to say when!

Points to Ponder

What is the useless area you “beat like a drum”?

How can you change this?

How are your children at letting things go?

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

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