China seekers plead for Bibles

Friend, eager seekers in China and beyond need God’s Word, and you can help!
Today, you can put a Bible in the hands of a new believer seeking Christ in China and beyond!
Just $4 can provide two Bibles, thanks to the Challenge Grant.


Perhaps you’ve heard the numbers…

It’s been estimated that thousands of people in China alone are placing their faith in Jesus every single day.

Others estimate that China could be the largest Christian nation in the world by 2020.

God is drawing Chinese men, women, and children to faith at an unprecedented rate, and these new Christians need your help!

How can a new follower of Jesus truly understand God’s love and be grounded in their newfound faith if they don’t have a copy of His word?!

The great news is – our updated Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) was approved for printing and distribution in China.

This is truly an amazing opportunity for the Gospel. Moreover, this is just one example of how Bible translation and distribution is advancing the Gospel in East Asia.

Now, there is even more exciting news!!

Made possible by a $10,000 Challenge Grant, your gift will provide twice as many of these Bibles to the increasing multitudes of men, women, and children coming to Christ in China and other East Asian countries. These include countries where it is highly dangerous to be a follower of Jesus… countries like Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Laos. 

Now it’s up to us to take advantage of this incredible opportunity God has made available!

  • Your gift of just $40 will provide 10 Bibles.
  • A gift of $60 will provide 15 Bibles.
  • And your gift of $100 will provide 25 people with their very own precious copy of God’s Word!

Chinese and other believers like Ling need the salvation message found in God’s Word in a language they can understand.

Ling was raped as a child and grew up full of anger – but all that changed when she began to read God’s Word in her heart language and discovered His unconditional love for her! You can read her incredible story here.

And because your gift will go twice as far, you and others can help us reach 5,000 new believers in China and beyond to the rest of East Asia, with God’s Word!

Getting God’s Word in the hands of people all over the world has been the heartbeat of Biblica throughout our 209-year history. And it’s the support of friends like you that makes translating and distributing Bibles all over the world possible.

So please send your best gift to put twice as many Bibles in the hands of thousands of new believers in China and other East Asian countries!All things possible,

Geof Morin
President/Chief Executive Officer,

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