Pursuing Authentic Christian Leadership, Day 13

Today’s reading draws from Titus 3:8-9.

Fearless Failure

Our having positions of influence means more opportunity to do good. But it also means that the costs are higher for failure.

No one likes to fail, especially leaders, whose failures produce magnified consequences. Our errors of judgment, and our failure of nerve or vision, affect not just ourselves but also our followers and our cause. Clearly failure is nothing to take lightly.

Yet as ski instructors frequently tell their novice students, “If you don’t fall now and then, you’re probably not pushing yourself enough.” Failure is the inevitable companion of a large vision.

No one can take on a significant and difficult challenge without stumbling a few times. The important thing is how we respond. The goal is not a fail-safe record but a pattern of increasing effectiveness. – Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley

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