What Time in a Clay Studio Taught Me

An Artist An Authur, A ghost Writer and much more.
She is the Lady that encourages me in writing my book, without her I think it would be a lot more difficult. She is the perfect Cheerleader and loves the Lord.

Juli Ocean

It’s funny how something can be so part of your life. You are in it every day for so jessica-ruscello-173775-unsplashmany months or even years. And then it’s back there buried under a bunch of time. You don’t think about it for so long that you can almost forget that it was part of your history. It can seem like it was another life.

That’s how it was this week when I met with a new friend for dinner. She wasn’t aware (as some of you already may know) that for decades, I had been a professional artist. Beginning with illustration, airbrushing and caricatures, I settled into creating pottery, tiles, and mosaics and taught classes. I sometimes made my own clay and glazes and all my own designs.

And my friend was more interested in what I had learned as a potter. There were many stories, but the underlying theme was…

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