God Comforts You, Day 14

Today’s reading is drawn from Isaiah 49:13.

All of us need comfort once in a while. Maybe it’s an illness that sets us on life’s sidelines. It might be the pain of hurt or betrayal that causes us to want to withdraw into our shell and never come out. Maybe it’s the grief of loss that makes it feel like life is just not worth living anymore.

We search for comfort in all kinds of places — escape into the latest TV sitcom, food, the Internet. Maybe we have some caring friends who listen and try to understand, but we can only lean on them so much, for we know they have their own lives and responsibilities.

So where do we turn for comfort? Today’s verse tells us to “shout for joy” for “the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on afflicted ones.” That’s you. And that promise is for you. The Lord will give the comfort you need. Turn to him and pour out your hurt in prayer. He is always there for you.

God’s Promise to Me

*I am there for you in your time of need.

*I will give you comfort.

*I will comfort you and have compassion on you.

My Prayer to God

I need your comfort today, Lord. The hurt goes deep. I need to know that there is purpose for this pain; I need to know that it will not be wasted. I need to feel the comfort that only you can give.

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