Today’s Story

Joseph can’t hide his identity from his brothers any longer. He clears the room of all of his Egyptian staff, but he sobs so violently that they can’t help but hear what’s going on. As he cries, he tells his brothers that he is Joseph, the long lost brother they betrayed years ago. They’re stunned. Joseph tries to relieve them of their guilt, explaining how God always planned to turn their evil actions into their salvation.

The news reaches Pharaoh, and he invites Joseph’s entire family to move to Egypt to ride out the remaining five years of the famine. The brothers travel home to tell Jacob the news and to bring their families to Egypt. Shortly after Jacob sets out for Egypt with all of his family and possessions, God speaks to him in a vision and reassures Jacob that he will watch over Jacob’s family while in Egypt and return them to the land of promise. Soon Jacob is reunited with his favorite son, and he weeps because of the goodness of the great Orchestrator of it all.

The King’s Heart

Joseph, the deliverer of God’s people, is a picture of another Deliverer. Many years later, God would send another Son. Like Joseph, he would leave his home and his Father (see Philippians 2:5–8). Like Joseph, people would hate him and want him dead (see Matthew 26:3–4). Like Joseph, his heart would break for those close to him (see Matthew 23:37). Like Joseph, he would be sold for pieces of silver (see Matthew 26:14–16). Like Joseph, his clothing would be stripped from his back (see Matthew 27:27–31).

Like Joseph, he would rise to a position of great power (see Hebrews 1:3). Like Joseph, his own people would not receive him, but he would be able to bring God’s blessing to others who did (see John 1:11–12). Like Joseph, this Son would gather his family to him from all over the earth (see Matthew 24:31).

As with Joseph, God would sovereignly turn the darkest moments in Jesus’ life into goodness. He would use Jesus’ death to pay for sin, and he would use Jesus’ forgiveness of sin to reconcile the world to himself. In spite of all the evil committed against him, this Son would rescue the world.


Genesis 46:34 notes that the Egyptians detested shepherds. But this social stigma would allow God’s people to stay separate from the idolatrous Egyptians and grow into a nation whose culture and lives revolved around the one true God.

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