Worried About Money?

I want money, that’s what I want.
Many people worry about money, and for good reason. We need money for a lot of things. Money keeps a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food on our tables. Because money is necessary for so many things in our modern lives, money has come to represent abstract values, too. For many people, money is a stand-in for security. Your confidence for the future might be tied to the amount of money in your bank account. This leads to anxiety, no matter how much money you have.

This devotional aims to reduce your anxiety about money by divorcing your sense of security from a dollar sign. Each day will give you concrete steps from the Bible that can help you move away from anxiety and towards peace.

Jesus tries to lead his disciples away from worrying about money in Matthew 6 when he explains what God is like. God takes care of all the animals and the plants on earth, none of whom work for a paycheck. Jesus says we should trust God to do the same for us. Security doesn’t come from money, it comes from God.

When you believe God is looking out for you, your anxiety about money decreases. One way Christians throughout history have reminded themselves of God’s provision is by saying prayers of thanksgiving before meals. Try this: before you eat, pause and say either silently or aloud, “Thank you God for giving me this food.” As you remind yourself that God is taking care of you now, you will start to believe that he will provide for you in the future.

Lord, thank you for giving me everything I need today. Help me to hope for the future, free from anxiety about money.

Further Exploration
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