Today Is Our Wedding Anniversary

Toby and I got married on October 9th, 1999 but we have been together 24 years total February 1995.

God gave me my other half and we did come out of some hard times, still together by the Grace Of God.

Before been Saved, we lived together for 4 years.

I tried to have Toby to leave me but, He never let go of me.

The reason why I wanted him to let go of me was the age difference. he is ALMOST 18 years younger than I am. The age difference never became a problem.

He loves me with a true Agape love and after many years of abuses, God that is our Father gave me a big gift that, no matter I poor or sick, we will never let go of each other. This is because Jesus is or referee when we fight and the one by HIS HOLY SPIRT remind us of how much we love each other.

It started when I was a go-go dancer and he chased me for years before I said I do.

I said YES  when we both were born again.

Calvary Chapel of Ft Lauderdale married us and w were very poor had to borrow a BIG dress because I could not even rent one.

when we started going to this non-denomination church, they put us through 6 months of “purity” yes, no sex and 12 weeks of classes on Marriage. Poor Toby ended up sleeping on the canal in a small boat with no AC or fan. We wanted to do this so our first night we would be blessed.


Considering we knew very few people, my son in law, I consider a son has a large family and his mom took them all to my wedding, very kind of her. with her family, I knew most of them we did have a great time. The only thing was that at that time with still had beers and booze, lol and the party was great. And, at that time I felt no guilt.

OK, Here it is, a freshly new Christian Couple, navigating God’s Will and messing up from day 1. God forgives all and loves Agape.

I have never been happy when I was married before and I thank God for my husband almost every day.

I love him so so very much!

Last but not least, We went through a lot in our marriage but NOW is a very happy one with an occasional little fight.

Toby is kind, patient, gentle in many ways, a giver etc. All of him loves me and I know he will until one of us, hopefully, me, will be called by the Lord and will always love me.

thank you for reading this. God Bless you all,



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