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God’s Spotlights

Anthony pointed out the windshield of his father’s SUV as they left the hardware store. “Dad, check that out!” In the distance, spotlights swept the night sky. “Can we follow them?” Anthony asked. “I wanna see what’s going on.” His father said, “Well, we’re in no rush. I’m feeling adventurous. Why not?”He turned at the next intersection. “Okay, I’m the pilot and you’re the navigator. Tell me where to go.” Watching the spotlights, Anthony guided his dad. For 15 minutes they followed the lights, getting closer and closer.

“It’s gotta be just around this corner,” Anthony said. “Take a left here.” His father turned, and they finally saw what all the hoopla was about. “It’s a new skate park!” Anthony exclaimed. They parked and joined the crowd around the large half-pipe. Under the spotlights, professional skateboarders were putting on a demonstration, wowing everyone with their moves.

A spotlight doesn’t draw attention to itself. It draws attention to something else. That’s why Christian athletes often point to heaven when people applaud for them. When you do a good deed or achieve success, you can be a spotlight for God. Give him the glory and praise, and turn everyone’s attention to him.

Bible Verse: [Jesus said,] “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”Matthew 5:16

Words to Treasure: The Lord upholds the righteous.Psalm 37:17

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