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Head raised up high
Eyes facing the sky
Inhaling life
Enjoying God’s love
Smiling in my heart
Knowing it is for God’s glory

All in the sky
At appointed time
Fulfilling their purpose
Glorifying God

Created for his glory
Formed for his praise
If I obey
My creator’s voice
Just like
Sun Star and Moon
In the sky

Do my inner being
Bring glory to God
Do my outer being
Praise his majesty
At a quiet place
Pondering in yourself
The answer will come
To the surface

Obeying Him
Is precious
Than sacrifice
In His word
He proclaimed

My inner being
With a petition
To her creator
I wanna live
For your glory

My outer being
With holy jealousy
I want people
To praise your Name
When they see me

Ref: Isaiah 43:7, Jeremiah 7:21-23

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