My Dear Blogger Friends.

I want to wish all to a Blessed Sunday and those in other Countries, Good morning.

The Lord is near us, in us, 24/7 and I need to be thankful everyday.

There are some days that my Worship lacks the PASSION of my first few years after been saved.

I pray for all of us to feel Him all the times, I look at the Clouds and see The Holy Spirit.

When I look at Nature I am reminded of His greatness and love. His beauty is all around us and I cannot believe that just that is not sufficient to make unbelievers, believers. I need more passion but as I write this down, I can feel is Spirit gently caressing my heart. My passion for Jesus will be renewed because without HIM there is no life for me. Thank You, Father, for Jesus and Your Holy Spirit. I am refreshed now and will remember to thank HIM again and again. I found out that when I am a little low or sad, as soon as I thank HIM I get OK. So, this is a reminder for me and I am just sharing it. Thank you for stopping by my little Blog.

Love you all in Christ Jesus,



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