My body hurts

As some of you know, I am on vacation at my Daughter’s home in Georgia.

No one wants me to do stairs, going up and down they don’t want me to fall and get hurt because of my back surgery.

I always have been a hardheaded, first, as a child than a woman. Don’t tell me to do something and, to prove you wrong.

Thinking I am 30 still, I, like a child, do the opposite. O well.

I was on the fourth step of the home stairway going down and, as my daughter told me, mom, careful, I sipped and luckily had the presence of mind to go down arm first. the arm was in a way a cushion for my face and falling forward helped me not to hurt my back

Now, I truly will listen and think harder. Blood on my elbow and arm but nothing truly too big to take me to the E.R.

I will leave Thursday evening and no more stairs promised and I do keep my word. My grandchildren may have to do stairs a little more, not my fault, almost, I was warned many times.

I will start posting soon the usual posting some of you like.

I miss our conversations. I do pray for all of you with my husband almost every night for your needs, protection and more.



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