Charles Spurgeon

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“The glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams.”
Isaiah 33:21

Broad rivers and streams produce fertility, and abundance in the land. Places near broad rivers are remarkable for the variety of their plants and their plentiful harvests. God is all this to his Church. Having God she has abundance. What can she ask for that he will not give her? What want can she mention which he will not supply? “In this mountain shall the Lord of Hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things.” Want ye the bread of life? It drops like manna from the sky. Want ye refreshing streams? The rock follows you, and that Rock is Christ. If you suffer any want it is your own fault; if you are straitened you are not straitened in him, but in your own bowels. Broad rivers and streams also point to commerce. Our glorious Lord is to us a place of heavenly merchandise. Through our Redeemer we have commerce with the past; the wealth of Calvary, the treasures of the covenant, the riches of the ancient days of election, the stores of eternity, all come to us down the broad stream of our gracious Lord. We have commerce, too, with the future. What galleys, laden to the water’s edge, come to us from the millennium! What visions we have of the days of heaven upon earth! Through our glorious Lord we have commerce with angels; communion with the bright spirits washed in blood, who sing before the throne; nay, better still, we have fellowship with the Infinite One. Broad rivers and streams are specially intended to set forth the idea of security. Rivers were of old a defence. Oh! beloved, what a defence is God to his Church! The devil cannot cross this broad river of God. How he wishes he could turn the current, but fear not, for God abideth immutably the same. Satan may worry, but he cannot destroy us; no galley with oars shall invade our river, neither shall gallant ship pass thereby.


Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: so shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.”
Proverbs 24:33-34

The worst of sluggards only ask for a little slumber; they would be indignant if they were accused of thorough idleness. A little folding of the hands to sleep is all they crave, and they have a crowd of reasons to show that this indulgence is a very proper one. Yet by these littles the day ebbs out, and the time for labour is all gone, and the field is grown over with thorns. It is by little procrastinations that men ruin their souls. They have no intention to delay for years–a few months will bring the more convenient season–to-morrow if you will, they will attend to serious things; but the present hour is so occupied and altogether so unsuitable, that they beg to be excused. Like sands from an hour-glass, time passes, life is wasted by driblets, and seasons of grace lost by little slumbers. Oh, to be wise, to catch the flying hour, to use the moments on the wing! May the Lord teach us this sacred wisdom, for otherwise a poverty of the worst sort awaits us, eternal poverty which shall want even a drop of water, and beg for it in vain. Like a traveller steadily pursuing his journey, poverty overtakes the slothful, and ruin overthrows the undecided: each hour brings the dreaded pursuer nearer; he pauses not by the way, for he is on his master’s business and must not tarry. As an armed man enters with authority and power, so shall want come to the idle, and death to the impenitent, and there will be no escape. O that men were wise be-times, and would seek diligently unto the Lord Jesus, or ere the solemn day shall dawn when it will be too late to plough and to sow, too late to repent and believe. In harvest, it is vain to lament that the seed time was neglected. As yet, faith and holy decision are timely. May we obtain them this night.

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20 thoughts on “Charles Spurgeon

  1. Dear Child of God, I apologize here for this method of contacting you, and hope you don’t mind. I originally saw your response on the Blog titled: Our Daily Bread, by Robert Tippet. I know that “as Christians” we don’t all think, or even share, the same beliefs or doctrinal stance on things. Doesn’t this make it difficult for most, if we DO tend to have disagreements? We, as Christians are working towards being of ONE mind and heart. But there are so many “independent minds and hearts” who are Christian out there! We need to be careful that we are not wavering. But, also that we are being true to the teaching of God. How do you “rightly divide the word of truth”? We all have our opinions, and can ask for those of others. I stick with what the Bible DOES say, and don’t try to speculate (although I do) too far beyond that. Your kind response here will be helpful. God bless you! Timothy

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    1. Hello, I am truly sorry but I do not understand what you are referring to, Can you please try to make me understand if it is about a comment on your site I was not able to find your blog…
      If it is a blog, I give people not always my opinion just a way to have other people opinions and then decide on their own.
      U can write me anytime an here is ok, God bless you


      1. Hello again, You may not remember if you had ever commented on anyone else’s blog, but that is how I found you. (on another blog site). It is okay if you decide not to respond, or answer my original question. I understand too, if you don’t care to ‘get into’ what may be divisive in questioning others beliefs or doctrines. My original question was: How are we to be “rightly dividing the word of truth”? I think the Spirit of God helps us here. At least, that is what answer came to me from the Bible today. God bless you. Timothy


        1. English is my second language, forgive me for not understanding the first time. I do, nothing, without the Holy Spirit and Understand Nothing without HIM.I do not mind criticisms but is not me writing as I say, is up to each that reads to make up their own mind. sometimes I make comments but not often. I hope I understood now. I am a bit off post today especially having been attacked lately more than in a long time but, as usual, the Spirit Of od counsel me. I am sorry if I still did not understand I will talk to my husband to read this and help me UNDERSTAND Better, thank you,

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        2. I am considering it. I will let you know when. Thank you. I’m sorry for any confusion with understanding me, but I think we communicated. I’ll pray for my ability to make it simple and easy for you to read my English. I can be a bit intellectual for some. Please, keep in touch, ok? Timothy


        3. One more thing, sorry if I gave you the impression I do not care… I love Jesus with all my heart and if you read a bit of my history in older posts you will have a window in my life without Him, the Spirit Of God guiding me.. God Bless you, Pat.


    2. I had a long reply but, the enemy did not like it. l will from now on the post on al I post I Blog, not to take that post literally but check the Bible. What do you think? The other reply was much deeper but… I am tired, lol


    3. The Bible wich Is Breather by The Spirit Of God, Is the only true way but after listening and reading others opinions, plus using the Bible as God’s tool, then, we will understand. God is good and if anyone searches for Him, with all their heart, He will find Him. The father has chosen us from before our time so…I think seriousness is a must but we can also be joyful. I do thank you very much for your opinions. Please study 24 hours to learn the Bible which is an overview of our Bible then it gets really in depth and the Holy Spirit will help you discern the truth as Chuck always says to his student to not to take his words but read the Bible. PLEASE listen to Chuck he will help a lot. I have some o my own understanding that differs slightly from him ut as I do have the gift of Discernment, trust me a little just listen to him. He wrote books as well. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and I am hoping that some unbelievers find a post that makes him think.
      LOve you, in Christ Jesus.


    4. To respond to another of your posts, sorry I can’t get there anymore, God is Outside time and Space and he has already seen your free Will decision. He does NOT interfere but, HE might allow things you don’t like to happen, to help you search for HIM. God IS LOVE, true Agape Love.


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