November 25
The Story of Saint Patrick
“Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.” (1Co_7:20)
Saint Patrick’s of Ireland lived from (389-461AD. Much of what we know of him comes from The Confessions of Saint Patrick, wherein he relates several testimonies of God’s miraculous care in the life of a young boy who had been captured by Irish pirates and carried away from Britain to live as a slave in Ireland. His captivity lasted a full six years and ended when God spoke to Patrick in a dream.
“One night I heard a voice say to me in a dream, ‘You have been right to fast because you will soon return to your country; Look, your ship is ready.’ Being a full two hundred miles from shore Patrick wasn’t sure what to make of the dream. But, moved by it he took to flight and, as he tells it, “I came in the power of God who was guiding my way for a good purpose and I had no fear all the time until I reached the ship.”
Through God’s intervention, which Patrick dramatically explains, he boards the ship and that night hears yet another message from the Lord. “You will be with them [on board the ship] for two months.” It happened as the Lord said, even to the exact day.
Patrick returned home to much rejoicing. His parents, who had grieved much over his loss, entreated him to swear that he would never leave them again. Patrick writes, “It was there that I saw in a vision of the night a man coming apparently from Ireland whose name was Victoricus, with an uncountable number of letters, and he gave me one of them and I read the heading of the letter which ran, ‘The Cry of the Irish.’
“While I was reading aloud the heading of the letter I was imagining that at that very moment I heard the voice of those who were by the Wood of Volcut which is near the Western sea, and this is what they cried, as with one voice, ‘Holy boy, we are asking you to come and walk among us again.’ I was struck deeply to the heart and I was not able to read any further and at that I woke up. God be thanked,” Patrick concluded, “that after several years the Lord granted them according to their cry.”
There are several other accounts given by Patrick of the Lord visiting him in dreams and visions. He stands out as one of the more fluent dreamers in church history.
Patrick closes his Confessions with an unapologetic declaration: “Let anyone laugh and revile me who wants to. I will not keep silence nor will I conceal the signs and wonders which have been shown me by the Lord many years before they took place, for He it is who knows everything even before times eternal.”
The point I wish to make here is simple and direct– never underestimate the power of God to call you and use you for His purposes in this world. Abide in that calling and watch with wonder as God blesses the labors of your life!

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