My daughter and her husband on their Hawaiian vacation.

I am very happy for them. They travel a lot. She is good saving her money not like me, lol. I have no money but I believe the Lord will help me go to the Canary islands in feb.i think so. God IS good and spoils me always gives me a way to fulfill some of my desires. My dad is 80 years old. I can’t believe he has a 73 years old girlfriend a year now. He lived up in the Alps a few hears to cold so they also have no money but God is truly a good God so somehow they found a way to rent a little place and will spend the winter there. They will visit all 3 of the big islands and, I am going. My dad lost my mom 8 years ago. Mourned her so very much so. I am truly grateful to God that he now has a girlfriend❤

Got to go…