NIV 365 Daily Devotional

Meditation (Isaiah 11:1–4)

God had a plan all along to save his people and deliver them from their sins. The judges modeled the role of deliverer, but their work was always temporary. They may have been able to defeat an oppressive army who had conquered the Israelites, but they could not save the people from their own sinful tendencies; they couldn’t even keep from sinning themselves.

But Jesus could. And the name Mary and Joseph gave their son —our sinless Savior —tells the whole story. The name Jesus, in Hebrew, means “Yahweh saves.” There could be no clearer message. God is a saving God. Yet the problem the people in Jesus’ time had in receiving Jesus is the same problem we face now. We all want a deliverer, someone to help us out of our financial struggles, our troubled relationships, our sickness. But no one can keep God’s requires end of the agreement. Instead of daily living for him, we break God’s commandments and go our own way. We seek our own righteousness, ignoring the fact that the blood of a sacrificial death is required as payment for our sin.

Sin leads to bondage. Our God, who has control over all powers and authorities, over all of the spiritual forces in the world, over all of the rebellious people throughout the course of history, hears our cries for help. And nothing can stop him from saving us except our own foolish rejection of the deliverer himself.


Lord Jesus, you are my hope and my deliverer. In spite of my folly and waywardness, you hear my prayers and work in ways that are too marvelous for me to understand. I give thanks that you really care. Though I live in a broken world of sin, disease and death, I know that nothing can ever separate me from your love. In spite of the uncertainties of this life, I know that you will never leave or abandon me. You have set me free from the bondage of sin and death. May I freely lay hold of the benefits of prayer and seek your wisdom and power amid the adversities and uncertainties of this life. In your powerful and saving name I pray. Amen.

Taken from Once a Day 25 Days of Advent

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