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  1. I really love all your beautiful blogs or posts, “I’m not too great with computer language” but interested to know why you turned to Jesus and of course our Heavenly Father as try as I might, I would love to have a strong Christian faith and although, I like “some” aspects of the Catholic Faith, some of it seems to be quite strange, myself, I’m a Protestant and come from a family of mixed , one Catholic dad and a Protestant Mother. My father had a hard upbringing and people in the West of Scotland could be quite biased when employing people, and my father joined the Army, he did not have a choice, though, as it was World War II and he was quite badly wounded in South Africa, where he ended up in a hospital in Alexandria before returning home.


    1. HI, am back from my break. When I was young, I used to be a Catholic but as I got older I kept in my own way to seek the truth. I had a very sinful life as you can read in some of my older posts. I am a born again Christian, Saved and Forgiven By Grace. The Catholic Church worships the Virgin Mary and it is said in the Bible that I read daily that NO ONE can get to the Father unless he goes through the son., John 14 .6 I pray to Jesus ONLY that is the only prayer that the father listens to.
      I am not very good in explaining my Faith but I know that what the Bible, not the Catholic one, is the Word of God. In the Catholic Bible, that added books that were not originally there. The protestant faith has problems as well. The born again is written where Jesus told NICODEMUS a PHARISEES John 3. My mom had cancer many years ago and I, Asked the Father, in the name of Jesus to please save her life and I would change my lifestyle. To make it short. We asked all non-denominations Churches to pray and after she was told that she had at the most 6 months to live. God helped my father to find a clinic, a private one was free of charge she had surgery. Dr. Said to us that her life was in God’s Hands. I prayed and prayed for Mercy. I prayed in the name of Jesus even not been born again yet. Well, she lived another 11 years and died for a different cause 8 years ago, It was as the Dr. Told us, a Miracle. Well, I came back to the US from Italy where I was born and my family lived and gave my life to the Lord. I had many miracles in my life, from having nothing to a nice home. a decent job for my husband etc. I am mentally ill and the Lord by His Spirit is healing me more each day. I suffered a lot in my life but I now have peace. Jesus is THE ONLY way to the Father. I pray you to take my words seriously because been Saved is the only thing that matters to mankind. I pray for everyone in my Blog, for there needs etc and for the lord to touch someone and bring him/ her to Him. I am sorry so long of a post. English is my second language so I hope I was clear enough. Please read those 2 passages I gave you. There are many many more that tells you of Grace and joy in the Holy Spirit that we receive after been born again. It is simple. Just say, if you feel it in your heart, I believe that Jesus was born from a Virgine, Mary, that he died for my sins, resurrected 1 Corinthians 15 tells you more., please read all chapter. I have a problem remembering things, where they are written so, That is all I can do. When I pray, I pray ALWAYS IN GODS WILL in the name of Jesus. He was the son of God and God in the flesh. Went thought more than we go through and was sinless. Just Believe in Him, Talk to Him and give your life to Jesus. You will feel a difference in your life as your faith grows. That is all I am able to say. PLEASE give your life to Jesus. I hope this was clear as much as possible. PLEASE let me know what you think. God Bless you, Pat. PS If you need more clarifications, I will be happy to try to respond in a clear way. I am very happy now, in the Lord.


    2. I am truly sorry for yours and your father’s suffering. I needed to tell you in a different post. You must have been confused. SEEK and HE will Convict you.
      Is your father alive? It sounds as you are not so young, maybe close to my age., LOL


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