Have A Blessed Christmas

I find myself next to Toby. He is playing a game on the phone and here I am posting a good night and a very blessed Christmas.

In the US in a couple of hours will be Christmas Eve.

Toby and I will Celebrate it with our friends Pastor Steve and his wife, Elena plus a few more people a small gathering with friends

The best time It will be when Kim, (my daughter) if you don’t know and are reading this, her husband and our 3 grandkids, will “Skype” us.

Not the best way to spend Christmas Eve or Day but…

I was saving some money to go see my father and his “girlfriend” at the Canary Islands but they had a change of plans, left the Canary Islands and they are now o a ship going to the South Of Spain. The cost of the Plane is about the same. I hope I will know tomorrow.

 how they are doing.

Due to the Holidays, they could not find a cabin so, as old as they are, especially my father 80 years old, has only a sleeping chair to sit and sleep in.

I have no idea what they are called, they are like small recliners where they expect you to sleep. For the last 3 days including tonight, with bronchitis and risk of Pneumonia.

My father is still under the impression he is 40 years old or younger and I can’t help but ask God Daily to save him and help him.

I will know what is going on and if they could find an inexpensive place to stay at least until after Christmas when I get up in the US.

I pray now, in Jesu’s Name for them to regain health and be OK and I ask this in the name of Jesus our Savior and, thank God that He does hear prayers.

I must keep trusting in the Lord for my dad well-being.

I know how big God’s Heart IS and I count on this true and simple fact and know that he and his Lady will be OK.

I just wanted to share this and vent, thank you for reading it.

Have a happy Christmas Eve, don’t spend all your bonus money if you get one and, just be intuned to the one real reason to have a Christmas, The Birth Of Our Lord, our God, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have a lot to thank HIM for.,


Pat. Child Of God.



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