Merry Christmas

Hello, my Blogger friends, we are past 2 am here on the east coast of the US and Before trying to go to sleep, I want to wish you all a Blessed Christmas.

I thank God for the Blessing this year brought me and my family.

Another change of plans about dad and my trip. It looks like, after all, I will be going to Italy, God willing, the end of February or beginning of March. I have to change the schedule also myself.

Toby’s back still hurts and the next step is Surgery.

Is not a Major surgery but they still have to go in and trim the herniated disk. and take care of the problem.
Toby then must stay home for  2 weeks and I am praying his coworkers will pitch in and help him by donating some vacation time to help us get by without losing half of his paycheck. The Most important thing is my husband to beOK and this surgery should fix the problem.

Last year a co-worker had Cancer and Toby donated a week of his vacation so I am hoping that he will be able to receive the 20 days or so he will need.

Please again, prayers are needed.

Before I buy a plane ticket I have to make sure that his needed days will be covered.

If not we are looking at half the paycheck and with our expensive mortgage we could not make it and get behind our mortgage payment over a month.

I trust in the Lord that hear prayers as I already mention.

This surgery is not bad news is just the next step t help him and take this terrible pain away.

 love you and am grateful to you all for being my Internet circle of friends from all over the World.

I have been privileged to get to know a few of you a little and am looking forward to getting to know you all more.


Take care of yourselves and take all the Blessings that the Lord has for you in the future,.





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