By Kim Taylor Henry


Those who seek me find me. . . . My fruit is better than fine gold.
Proverbs 8:17, 19 (NIV)

“No matter how awful my day has been, there are always some gifts of beauty in it, however small. Every night I review my day and ask God to help me find them, and he always does.”

When I heard those words from a friend who’s battling a serious illness, a memory rose and settled gently on my mind. . . . I’m about eight years old. My grandpa stands next to me at a large backyard metal tub filled with water. He reaches into a bucket of deep brown creek-bottom mud and places some in his gold-mining pan and in mine. He drizzles water in and expertly circles his pan, swirling the liquid into and through the mud, patiently showing me how. I try it. Sure enough, within a few minutes, the sludge gives way to fine black sand amid which tiny golden nuggets sparkle.

My friend’s comments remind me God is our expert gold miner. No matter how dirty or dark our days, they hold nuggets of beauty, of God’s wonders—gifts of life as it is meant to be. He helps us sift through the muck and mire of even our worst and most difficult times, revealing specks of splendor. We can pick out those bits of loveliness, treasure them, and throw the mud away.

Thank you, my friend. The next time my day has seemed muddy and bleak, I’ll do some gold-panning with our God and discover nuggets worth more than fine gold.

Thank You, Lord, that even our darkest days contain the shimmer of Your wonders. We need only seek, and with You we will find.


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