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Peter tells us to be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asks us a reason concerning the hope that is in us. He did not say give reasonings, but a reason. We can give a reason for what we know, but we cannot reason it out with the man who has not the same spirit. We can state that we are right with God because we have received His Spirit on the word of Jesus, but our reasonings are nonsense to the man who has not accepted the Holy Spirit.

We wait in hope for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost is seeking to awaken men out of lethargy; He is pleading, yearning, blessing, pouring benedictions on men, convicting and drawing them nearer, for one purpose only, that they may receive Him so that He may make them holy men and women exhibiting the life of Jesus Christ.

Reflection Questions: Am I content to give a reason for my hope or do I insist that my reason should be enough for someone else? Why do I have so little patience with the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of others?

Quotations taken from If Thou Wilt Be Perfect and Biblical Ethics, © Discovery House Publishers