I might Repeat some post of last year because I feel it in my Spirit or just a simple mistake. I hope you get something from the post.

Thank you,



13 thoughts on “Correction

    1. My Brother, can you help find a study in Philippians I promise another Blogger to look for one, can you direct me in any way? I could not find it in the Bible I use so, Can you help me
      Thank you either way.


      1. Hi Sister Pat,

        I have not personally vetted this website nor study.

        I am currently not reading any modern studies.

        I am reading the Bible with different translations to help understand words, ideas, I am not familiar with.

        I am occasionally reading the ancient writings from Hebrew and Christian scholars.

        I am 43, delivered in 2017. So I am just really getting acquainted with Bible, and letting all of it wash me from my old man grossness, by His Blood!!!

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        1. Thank you. I have been a Christian 20 years and still have no much knowledge. Too much knowledge in the wordly thing does not please God but, the Bible is the most important BOOK EVER. Is the Word Of The Spirit of God, God is good and HE wants us to know Him. We all Learn and I wish I could read what you write but, I imagine is the translation of your pots.


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