No matter what revelations God has made to you, there will be destitution so far as the physical apprehension of things is concerned—God gives you a revelation that He will provide, then He provides nothing and you begin to realize that there is a famine, of food, or of clothes, or money, and your commonsense says, “Abandon your faith in God.” Do it at your peril. Watch where destitution comes; if it comes on the heels of a time of quiet confidence in God, then thank Him for it.

Faith is not a bargain with God—I will trust You if You give me money, but not if You don’t. We have to trust in God whether He sends us money or not, whether He gives us health or not. We must have faith in God, not in His gifts. Let us walk before God and be perfect, you in your circumstances and I in mine.

Reflection Questions: What happens to my hope when God doesn’t give me what I want? Where do I go for help when I don’t get what I want from God?

Quotations taken from Our Portrait in Genesis and Not Knowing Where, © Discovery House Publishers

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