Don’t Underestimate Your Influence

The Best Is Yet To Be, Day 5

Today’s reading: Genesis 21:33

Even though there are mountains that block the way on our journey to finish life well with our children and families, Scripture is quite optimistic about us succeeding in this area. The emphasis repeatedly directs us to rely on God’s strength to overcome any adversity. While we might struggle in these areas, He doesn’t! He freely offers us help and hope along the way.

An interesting example of this idea is found in a fascinating verse in Genesis 21. It illustrates how Abraham literally got his hands dirty to make a statement of profound trust in God. It’s especially poignant since he had not taken possession of the land that had been promised to him. What is described has particular significant for moving mountains and finishing well in the context of our children and families.

Verse 33 says Abraham planted a tamarisk tree at Beersheba. Why would he have done that? What was special about this particular tree or location? Digging up the arid soil to bury a seed was tantamount to stating, “This land is mine, and God will be true to His promises.” Beersheba was the southernmost point that Israel ever reached which indicated the large vision Abraham had for the land God promised to give him.

Because this particular tree survives and provides shade in the desert, travelers and shepherds prize this tree. They also say “We plant tamarisks for our grandchildren because they grow so slowly. We may not enjoy them, but our grandchildren will.”

What is the equivalent of planting a tamarisk tree in your life? What can you plant in your midlife years that will bless future generations? Don’t underestimate the influence of your midlife and later years. They represent a significant season of influence, so dream big!

Watch author Bruce Peppin’s take on “Don’t Underestimate Your Influence.”

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