Day 7: Choose Life

When my father passed away, I went through a season where I spiraled deep down into depression. He and my mom built an incredible church, I had big shoes to fill as I stepped in to be the Senior Pastor. I was missing my dad and feeling the weight of leading our church. 

I felt like I just kept walking further and further down into a basement. I had walked down to a fourth story basement in my mind and heart. I was there on the outside but totally absent on the inside. 

One night during this time, I was walking alone in the dark. As I came across a highway bridge, I felt the enemy shout, “Just end it! Just jump!” I stood there for 10 minutes just looking at the bridge. Then I started to feel hope and life leak into my heart. I started declaring that God had a purpose and destiny for my life. That He loved me and that His plans were for good, not for evil. 

In the darkness, I stood up and yelled out loud, “No devil! You lose. I choose to live! I refuse to jump. I refuse to quit. I am climbing out of this basement!” 

Day by day, step by step, with God’s help I climbed out of the basement of depression. Victory is possible. Freedom is real. With God, you can overcome and experience mental and emotional health. 

You are not defined by your diagnosis, you are defined by your Heavenly Father. Do not give up. God calls you beloved, chosen, fearfully and wonderfully made and valuable. 

With God’s supernatural help and taking wise steps in the natural, I walked up out of the basement and chose life! I have good news—it is possible for you to experience victory from depression too. God created you to live a life filled with faith, peace, joy, goodness, and hope. Choose life today. 

Pray with me today: “Heavenly Father, today I decide to choose life. I ask that you would renew my mind and help me to see me the way you see me. Fill my heart and mind with your peace and give me wisdom and insight into the next steps towards full freedom and victory within my mental and emotional health. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” 

This seven day plan only scratches the surface of the complexity of mental and emotional health. If you are struggling in this area of your life, reach out to someone. Get professional or medical help, open up to someone you trust and ask God to give you a personalized strategy for your mental and emotional health.


Watch the full message “Fighting for Mental and Emotional Health” here! 

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