The only place of confidence is personal trust in God and patient waiting for Him. One of the things we have to unlearn is the idea of judgment which never came from God’s Book, that is, the idea that God is vindictive. Our Lord never spoke from personal vindictiveness, He spoke from a knowledge of the eternal principles of God, which are inexorable. To trust in the goodness of God is not enough, it is not eternal and abiding; we have to trust God, who is infinitely more than goodness.

There are experiences in human lives which are not part of God’s purpose, but the result of human perversity. Remember, trust in God does not mean that God will explain His solutions to us, it means that we are perfectly confident in God, and when we do see the solution we find it to be in accordance with all that Jesus Christ revealed of His character.

Reflection Question: If I truly believe that God is better than the best, and more powerful than the greatest, why do I still trust my own understanding of things?

Quotations taken from Notes on Isaiah and Our Portrait in Genesis, © Discovery House Publishers

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