The disciples had given up everything for Jesus; they had followed Him for three years; Peter and the other disciples think this is the time when He will introduce His kingdom; instead, the whole thing ends in humiliating insignificance. Peter never dreamed he was going to see Jesus Christ give himself up meekly to the power of the world, and he was broken-hearted and “followed Him afar off.” To call Peter a coward for following Jesus afar off is an indication of how we talk without thinking. Peter and all the disciples were broken-hearted, everything they had hoped for with regard to Jesus Christ had failed, and now their worst fears were realized.

Many a Christian since Peter has suffered complete heartbreak, not because he fears anything personally, but because it looks as if His Lord is being worsted.

Reflection Questions: What circumstances cause me to think that God is losing the battle against evil? What does Christ’s death and resurrection tell me about God’s power over evil? What fear do I have that isn’t overcome by the hope of resurrection?

Quotations taken from He Shall Glorify Me, © Discovery House Publishers

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