The Best Is Yet To Be, Day 9 Famous in Heaven

Today’s reading: 2 Hebrews 12:1, 1 Peter 1:12

The complement to heroic invisibility is the idea of being famous in heaven. Heroic invisibility looks at the earthly implications of living for the Lord. Fame in heaven offers us a glimpse of how our deeds are regarded in eternity. The meaning of famous here is not the same as the meaning of fame on earth. It is the celebrated recognition of an individual who is living according to the standards of heaven.

The book of Hebrews refers to us “running with endurance the race that is set before us.” When we think our lives are insignificant and invisible, we forget something very important. There is a heavenly stadium filled with those who have gone before us—our family, our friends, and the great saints of old who are cheering us on. We are told the events unfolding in our lives are so remarkable that “angels long to look” at them.

If you get tired while running your race, think about the stadium of the saints of old and loved ones who are cheering you on, shouting your name! “You can do it! Keep going! You’re almost there!”

Watch Bruce’s thoughts on being “Famous in Heaven.”

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