Decades Not Days

The Best Is Yet To Be, Day 10

Today’s reading: 2 Psalm 27:14

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Da Vinci began the work in 1503 and took about four years to complete it. Only recently has the Mona Lisa revealed some of her most treasured secrets. Through advanced x-ray technology, French researchers discovered that da Vinci applied up to thirty layers of micro glaze on her face. The technique required months for each layer of glaze to dry.

The result of this painstaking effort was a stunning achievement of artistry. No brushstrokes appear on the luminescent face that still captures people’s hearts five hundred years later.

Similarly, business books have popularized the ten-thousand-hour rule. The rule states that if someone has accumulated that amount of time in a particular field he or she will have mastered the essentials to achieve success.

Why should we think any differently when it comes to our spiritual development and readiness for God’s assignments? Instead of layers of glaze, we have layers of experiences and years that are being laid down under the careful direction of our heavenly Father. His hands use every situation to shape our character and deepen our integrity to be ready for His future assignments.

If we are patient, the mountain representing delayed expectation, will be removed by God after He has completed our training process. At that point we will experience the joy of serving Him in an expanded way.

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