Standing Up Against The Devil
My grandmother had a little backyard garden where she planted her favorite vegetables. Every morning she went in the garden to see how the plants were growing. She watered the plants and pruned the plantain trees. She basically took care of the garden, but fencing the garden to prevent intruders was something she wasn’t able to do.

People in her neighborhood took advantage of the no-fence garden and dumped their trash on her property.  It was always disgusting seeing garbage, waste, and other household unwanted stuff disposed around her beautiful budding, green plants. 

My grandmother with her walking stick would thread the whole neighborhood house to house, threatening whoever dumped trash in her garden to come pick it up. My big sisters and I would laugh and follow Grandma as she yelled around the neighborhood. 

This happened more often, however: By the time my grandma got back home, the trash on her property would be gone. She wouldn’t stand for any trash on her property. 

Reminiscing about her actions, I think this is the kind of attitude Christians should have when the devil comes dumping waste on your property. You should not stand for the enemy to dump the spirit of addiction on your children or divorce in your marriage or fear in your everyday life. You don’t have to stay quiet; you need to stand up on the rooftop and be a watchman for your family and faith.

You have the authority to command the devil in the name of Jesus to pick his trash and leave your family. He will leave because you have been endowed with tremendous power and dominion over all things. There’s nothing the devil has stolen from you that you cannot retrieve if you fervently pray and exercise your authority as a child of God.

Today I’m encouraging you to build a protective wall of prayer around you, your family, your friends, your neighbor, your city, and your country.

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