My dear Blogger friend, has been 3 days since Toby and I almost started to  talk, my idea, about divorce, and,  I did not think that my life would be the same, as usual even when, you think, that the pain is too much and is the end of your marriage, God comes through

We love each other and when we said, I do, we meant it.

Trought the ups and downs of our marriage, the thought of leaving him has crossed my mind before but, Toby is the nicest guy I ever met. Even if what he did hurt me deeply, I cannot see my life without him. Now for the first time in our marriage, he is getting the help he needs not just for his mistake but also a chance for him to open up a little more. I was proud of him when at his first meeting, he spoke and took responsibility for his actions. Some people say that all men watch pornography but I disagree.
He will do what needs to be done in his part and God will bless our marriage like never before. I love you all for listening to me and praying.

Goodnight God Bless you,                                       



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