God Liberates you

Believers in Christ are indeed set free. We are liberated from the entanglements of bondage, slavery, depression, lack, limitations and any weapon formed against us. Jesus set us free and God sent the Holy Spirit to help, teach and guide us in everything that Jesus ever told us in His Word. That being said we have a responsibility directly linked to our freedom in Christ and that is to obey his commands and love.

We are not to abuse the gift and benefits of liberty to deliberately engage in any sin! As Christians we are commanded to obey God, love, forgive, keep in step with the Holy Spirit, live in peace, give thanks in all circumstances and praise God’s holy name. We are not to disrespect God’s gift of liberty to do what we want when it is contrary to God’s will, word and way.

We are to repent and turn to God, not receive freedom and then return to the oppressive lifestyle Jesus liberated us from. It is disrespectful to our Heavenly Father to purposely seek the benefits and covering of freedom and then reject the covering to return to bondage in order to satisfy the flesh. No!

Christians have a responsibility to serve as an ambassador of Christ and give God all reverence and awe for his goodness. Whatever bondage Jesus freed you from, don’t return and believe all is well and you can continue on with your sin because you are free. That is wrong and disrespectful to our Heavenly Father.

I believe no one would like if they came to someone’s rescue in a dangerous situation only to find the person deliberately going back to the same danger zone because they enjoy the thrill, excitement and comfort knowing that you will always come to their rescue. The purpose of the intentional liberation was to redirect them in the right way. The freedom doesn’t serve a purpose if it is rejected and distorted to gratify deliberate sinful behavior.

It’s time to receive Jesus’ gift of liberation and to follow God’s commands because we are required to do so. We are free and accountable for our actions as well!

Prayer: Our heavenly father thank you for liberating me! LORD I thank you for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, accountability, teaching, direction and reminders regarding your promises and the commands you instructed me to follow as outlined in your word. Lord I ask for your forgiveness regarding how I’ve mishandled your precious gifts in my life. I ask for wisdom in stewardship. I am free in Christ and I repent of my ways. I aim to NOT deliberately turn from your freedom towards bondage. Thank you for your divine correction. In Jesus name, Amen.

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