Unbridled Faith

A Case of Choke

My horse Orlando feels he is entitled to his food, my food, and the food of the horse next to him. Because of his food aggression, he has sustained two leg injuries and a bad case of choke from trying to swallow grain before it was properly chewed.

Entitlement. It’s a popular word in our culture today, and it has a way of darkening our hearts. If we’re infected with this prideful mentality, we can feel entitled to unearned promotions, bigger houses, or even a better spouse. Entitlement even bleeds over into our spiritual lives, where we “church shop” for the congregation and worship service that will meet our needs instead of looking for the place God wants us to serve. Or we treat God as if He were a genie doling out wishes.

The truth is, we aren’t entitled to anything from God. And He will refuse to fulfill our selfish demands. If we go into Christianity with the feeling that God owes us something, or if our measure of thanks to God is based on His “performance,” then we are at risk of spiritual choke. God owes us nothing, but He loves us enough to give us His grace and mercy every day. God gives us what we need, and that’s not always what we want.

Change your attitude by giving God your gratitude instead. And your heart will be filled with His light.

Lord, help me never to give in to an entitlement mentality. May I never take for granted the countless ways You have blessed me, amen.

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