Marriage (double)?

My wife has seen the worst parts of me. She’s known me for almost 12 years, and we’ve been married for more than nine of those. Even though she knows more about me than anyone on earth, she knows nothing about me compared to what God knows.

God knows all my faults and failures, and he sees me sin daily. And yet, He loves me. He cares so much for me that He sacrificed His Son for me. Christ served His disciples every day—even when He knew that some would one day deny Him! And He provides me grace daily, even though I don’t deserve it.

Let’s start loving our spouses better with these three practical examples of Christ’s love for us:

1. Put yourself second.

If He gave His life for us, why can’t we make small, daily sacrifices to elevate our spouse’s feelings, desires, and hopes above our own? Try letting your spouse go out and have some “me time” this week, while you stay home and watch the kids. Or, for a real challenge, let your spouse be “right” the next time you find yourself in the middle of a trivial disagreement.

2. Serve with no expectations.

What better picture of a servant can we get than the King of kings washing His disciples’ feet? (John 13:3-17) As a spouse, that picture of Christ as a servant should be a constant reminder for us. Find ways to serve your spouse today. Surprise her by doing the laundry. Pick up a special dessert from his favorite restaurant, just because. Find joy in serving your spouse—and then serve them without expecting anything in return.

3. Show grace.

Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God. He has every right not to forgive our sins and shortcomings, and yet He gives grace freely. Rather than focusing on the negative habits and characteristics of your spouse, try daily to look for the positives. Do something as simple as mentioning one thing you love about her every day. Pray for him every day. Forgive your spouse when they mess up. Grace does not hold onto hurt, anger, or disappointment…grace forgives.

Todd Dobberstein
YouVersion Product Manager

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