The Cure For Anxiety
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Double lanes at the fast food drive thru.  That pretty much sums up our obsessions. What we want, and when we want it turns out to be everything, and immediately.

Yet in contrast, have you ever noticed that nature never rushes?  Grass growing.  Trees reaching for the sky.  Birds nesting in their branches.  They never seem to rush, but yet, they each seem to get done.

One day, on a hill on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, a crowd gathered to hear Jesus share His thoughts on how to live a life dedicated to pleasing God.  A life lived to glorify God, and enjoying him forever. A life not spent rushing.  A life not spent shrouded in shame and anxiety.

This meditation from the 6th chapter of Matthew will take you back to that sermon.  The sermon on the mount where you can meditate in the hope of Jesus’ cure for anxiety.

Resting in imaginative contemplation for a moment, remain with your eyes closed…imagine again being in his creation.  Sitting amongst the flowers and birds of the field.  What anxious thoughts do you feel?  Imagine them approaching you as a breeze through the tall grass.  Don’t run away from the approaching breeze, you will only strengthen it.  See it coming.  Approaching.  Feel it wash over you.  Then past you.  Run your fingers through the grass as you listen to the birds of His creation.  The flowers are still there.  The birds are still singing.  And you are still in His care.  Be present in the field.  Present with God.  As you pause here let your hands and fingers reach out to touch what you are wearing.   Something soft.  Something comforting.  Be reminded in this moment that God’s care is available, now, and here.

Pray now that you remember to stop being worried or anxious, perpetually uneasy, and distracted about your life.  God cares for you and provides for you more than anything else in His creation.  And besides, worrying won’t add one hour to the length of your life.   Now to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever will be. Amen.

Today you have the opportunity to be cared for.  Expect anxiety.  Anticipate it approaching and expect it to subside.  Leaving you whole and present.  It has come before.  It has passed before.  God has been there before.  He is here now.  He will be here again. 

So when you are ready, step into your day and be mindful of moments to be cared for by God.   

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