Please read and pray!!!

Hello to all my Born Again Brothers and Sisters in Christ please read this article and pray here it is.

Abortion is murder and downright wrong 100% wrong and demonic! We as a nation are begging for God Judgement on this nation He will not hold this nation guiltless nope but we who are born again believers in Jesus Christ are not under the Judgement of god but Grace. Get on your knees and pray the blood of 60 million plus cries out to God for Justice and He will give them all Justice! We as a nation do not worship the God of the Bible but Moloch. Please reblog this post get it out on the social media sites you use to get the word out! We need to call this nation to Repentance this nation is far from God! Look up Jesus is coming for us the Church His Bride in the Pre Tribulation Rapture be ready this world is not our home Heaven is our home!


God bless.



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