14 thoughts on “Goodnight (still Sick)

      1. Because of all the personal problems you are facing the body defences are down and this is why you are so sick . Praying your get better soon
        Take care lovely

        1. Thank you sweetie. God is Good and is not as bad as you think. All is well with the HOLY SPIRIT Love, I am fine, truly some days is not as good but, on the whole I feel Fine. HUGS

          1. Toby still could not make to work. Still sick but I am like a HORSE as they say in Italy. Strong, LOL
            I wish you lived nearby. I only have one true friend because honesty is the first and only requirement for any kind of relationship. ❤

          2. Italians are, generally speaking, honest people. glad you have a best friend mine, is sick with Paranoia Schizophrenic and mentioned when I went to see her in May for a week., body sores, forgot the name of the illness, sorry.
            Underneath all that, there is a scared little girl and I can’t help loving her as a sister a Never had. We understand and are honest with each other. LONG story, LOL I stop before u quit reading. I love her very much. The closest to Agape I could ever love.

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