14 thoughts on “Goodnight (still Sick)

          1. Toby still could not make to work. Still sick but I am like a HORSE as they say in Italy. Strong, LOL
            I wish you lived nearby. I only have one true friend because honesty is the first and only requirement for any kind of relationship. ❤


          2. Italians are, generally speaking, honest people. glad you have a best friend mine, is sick with Paranoia Schizophrenic and mentioned when I went to see her in May for a week., body sores, forgot the name of the illness, sorry.
            Underneath all that, there is a scared little girl and I can’t help loving her as a sister a Never had. We understand and are honest with each other. LONG story, LOL I stop before u quit reading. I love her very much. The closest to Agape I could ever love.


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