We’re Pretty Good Together
My daughter, you need Me like the flowers need sun, like the earth quakes and needs to be quieted, like the sand cries out for a drop of rain. You need Me to write truth again, in the places where it has been forgotten. You need Me to awaken faith and stir the lukewarm so it heats or freezes so that my children who don’t know Me don’t confuse Me with another nice person on the street. 

I am not nice, with a smile on my face each day. But I am joy-filled. I am not mellow or calm all the time. But I am peace. I am secure in who I am. I am the rock, the lion who roars, the light that shines, the beginning and the only way darkness can end. 

I am the end. The end of suffering. The end of angst. The end of fear. The end of death. The end of pain. The end of striving. The end of destruction for the sake of getting ahead. The end of comparison. The end of trying to fit in. The end of loneliness. The end of despair. The end of sickness. The end of confusion. The end of self-centeredness. The end of self. 

You need Me in order to become yourself. You need Me because you are made for freedom. You need Me because you are holy, in my name, and I have designed you with a purpose, a purpose to help and to heal and to encourage and to love. You need Me to receive the joy that is yours, that you were born to receive, for which you were designed to love. You need Me because you are thirsty and hungry and craving more Life, more hope, more freedom, more joy. You are made to desire Me and do the things you have been made to do. 

I want to tell you what those things are and who you are. 

My daughter. 

My delight.

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