Rylisms e-Sword Study Bible

February 8
Unveiling the Big Picture
“By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God” (Rom_5:2).
Now we come to the unveiling of the Big Picture. As you can see in the illustration, we’ve added the final touch to it. “Standing in Grace” is what God wants for each of us, and all things work together for our good unto that purpose.
Thus, in everything we give thanks for we know that God is somehow using this or that to conform us more and more to the likeness of Jesus, and to bring us to this most blessed place – a place called Grace – where we may STAND.
“Having done all, STAND,” Paul exhorts us. (see Eph_6:13).
The word means to stand sure, as opposed to floundering; to stand up, as opposed to cowering. It means to stand out, in the sense of excelling; to stand still, in the sense of abiding; to stand fast, in the sense of enduring. It means to stand true and faithful to the end.
All of this and more we can and will do by the grace of God.
“I am what I am by the grace of God,” Paul exulted, “and His grace given to me was not in vain; for I labored more abundantly than they all. Yet, it was not me, but the grace of God that was in me!” (1Co_15:10)
Oh for the day we each one of us can say this!
Having humbled ourselves under the mighty hand of God by embracing His will for our lives, rather than grasping and clutching to our own selfish dreams and schemes, we now stand in a place called Grace.
And it is here that God has opened a funnel of faith whereby we may experience the fullness of His empowering presence in our lives. And as we grow and grace, being strengthened by the power of Christ to do God’s will, we will reign in life as overcomers.
Here is how Paul summed it up for us:
“So now that we have been made right in God’s sight by faith in His promises, we can have real peace with Him because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. For because of our faith He has brought us into this place of highest privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to actually becoming all that God has had in mind for us to be.” (Rom_5:1-2 The Living Bible)
you catch that? When we stand in Grace — this place of highest privilege — we can “confidently and joyfully look forward to actually becoming all that God has had in mind for us to be.”
“Yes, I caught that! After all, that’s what fishermen do.”
The odd and unexpected remark gave us all in the group a momentary pause. But the grin on the man’s face who made the remark suddenly caused us to realize that the Apostle Peter had joined our tour!
We’ll talk to him tomorrow!

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