Goodnight Good day

My dear Blogger Friends,

This has been a busy day in many ways. I was home all day but as in the last 4 days went through this particularly peculiar even eerie mind frame.

I did not tell anyone but you all, LOL and my  husband, how very hard has been for me to try to maintain a clear mind.

It is kind of scary, upsetting,  not to be able to control what your mind wants to think. It is very hard to try to communicate to most people what I mean. Only if you have a mind like mine or have an exceptionally intuitive one, you can get “close” to that feeling of emptiness even when God is the Center of your life.

There are times when I absolutely must hang on to Him as much as I can, not to lose my mind for a minute. One minute would be too much already.

My sanity is only a step from insanity but, never over the line that divides reality and a mind without matter.

I know I am not making any sense except to myself and my Savior. I have to depend on every breath, in His Breath Don’t you love the Spirit Of God?

He knows my limits, how much I can take emotionally and more, so, even If I cannot help having some fear, I trust Him to carry me in His arms again and, again. to make it through to another minute.

This is not, fortunately, my typical day but, it does take away a lot from my Joy. 🙂

I love The Lord Jesus, my Healer my everything. I won many battles with His help that even my head Doctor asks me in amazement,” how do you make it:”?

My response has been both times, By the Grace Of God.

A shrink, knowing all, that stumbles in the face of Faith.

My Faith is strong, not easily shaken.

A shout to my friend Mentor, Juli, that I know will not most likely read this but, a shout anyway because she understands in part and loves fully and truly.

My friends, I stop right here, I hope in time before I make myself to be a fool.

God Bless you all. Thank you for reading these shambled thoughts,

I pray I made myself clear as usual my first language is not English. (excuses)




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