Devotional NewVersion

Fully You
My daughter. Those two words are not small. My . .  . mine .  . . what belongs to Me, what I call my own. Daughter, family, a closer tie than any flesh, any blood. I begin here, reminding you who you are.

When you hear Me, from the true place that responds to my voice and knows who you are, you begin to think about yourself less. You strive less. You have nothing to prove. I start here, my whisper, my daughter, to ask you to let go of insecurity, let go of stories that are false, let go of memories that can’t be changed. Begin your day thinking about who you are, as that is how you remember your connection to Me.

Nothing separates us, my dear, nothing except what you want to keep separate. We are united because I have made it so.

I see all you’ve done, and I cleanse you. You are white as snow. I recently whispered to you it was time to rise. I have come for you. You are chosen. You are my daughter. I have made you, beautiful one, to claim your place. I ask you to abandon waiting for more than what I offer you, abandon searching for more than what I give.

Trust Me. Look to Me.

Now listen.

I place within you longing. Pursue this longing. Don’t ignore this. But pay attention for what it is you long. Ask yourself if you long for more, from a conviction of knowing who you are. Notice if you long to be more whom I’ve created you to be, and not someone different. Notice if you long to go further, with Me, using the talents and passions I’ve placed within you—or if you are trying to prove yourself, if you wish you were more loved, more liked, more noticed, more cared for, more desired, more perfect.

There are gifts within you, child, gifts I long for you to see. I say it again, daughter, rise. Raise your head and remember who you are and know your place and how I’ve chosen you and how the beginning of freedom and self-forgetfulness and love for Me is knowing who you are.

Mine. My daughter. My beloved.

Most cherished. Most loved. Most fully you.

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