Goodnight Day

My dear Blogger friends

A Short but long day today

Toby has been sick for 5 days, today been the one day he slept the most and, he wants tp go back to work before he is fully recovered,

I had to go to my Neurologist for a check-up and ended up spending more time traveling that the length of waiting plus appointment and that, is a long long time. 

I was early for my appointment so, I went to the mall to buy a little mirror for my purse in preparation for my trip to Italy to see my dad and family.

I ended up buying most of the store :).

After that, it was time to get going to make it on time for my appointment. Well, saw the Dr, left, long way back home. Some say you moved, change Neurologist but, are they crazy??

My Neurologist takes care om my migraines and it took him almost a year, a very painful one, to find out that the only way to help me was to give me those little painful shots on my head, around it and on my neck. Not fun but, I am almost 64 and not a single wrinkle on my forehead.

I had headaches anyways for the last 6 weeks so, he, tells me that it has to be stress. Unbelievable for a smart guy to say that!! Naturally, I am stressed and in large part, my headaches ARE stress related. If I did not care about the man after 14 years of seeing him, I  would call him a name. Today I am truly BAD. Forgive me but I do have to stop…

I am making my head ache even more.

I do love my husband a lot and I was truly unpleasant to him to find out later that my stress-related headache was also because I forgot, again, to take my meds. Bipolar, ADD OCD, Name it, with a headache, a bad combination, believe me, at least today. I love Toby so much that I cannot express but just say it that I love him with all I am and have. Jesus FIRST then my husband. 

I will go now..., I better.

Love you all. God Bless you always,


little mean,



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