Beautiful photography

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  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), I have seen in others ‘oftentimes’ the potential for growth or decay. When I view anyone as “troubled” mentally/psychologically, or emotionally; I need to remember that I have experienced my own ‘hell’ as well. Lately, I know of many who are quite “disturbed”. I may have my own degree in Psychology, but only Jesus can truly help them. My heart aches to help, but I can’t grant them a ‘sound mind’, so to speak. This is where I just pray for them, but avoid the “high-risk” behavior they exhibit. What do you think? Jesus could face those “demons” in people. But I am not up to that yet. Timothy

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    1. Dear Tmothy. I find myself in a very bad place myself right now and I am praying for your Ministry and will more. I don’t know if you did read about my husband . I do ache for those that suffered all the time and at times as I pray, I cry but right now, my pain is big to me and it coud cost this marriage a LOT. Please, prayrs are all I have always had and have,God bless you and Please if you need to talk in priate about anything, end me an eamailpornography habit. So, see my heart? God ight now is telling me to accept and my flesh does not want to forgive, AGAIN and again. I know how hard this is to let go f and, I am sorry to say my husband has other minor hapits like chewing tobacco he also canot stop.Only Jesus, by His Spirit can give me the strength to be a “wife” with all it requires. I need prayers now more then when I was sick and had my surgery, more then anything he has done yet. He is a ood man but a lier and the one thing I asked him befre getting married is HONESTY. He is honest with eveyone but me and NEVER keeps his promeses. I am hurtig but I will ask God to help me with this very deep pain.I am sorry, words got mixed up but I beilive ou will understd. Hugs In Christ Jesus.


      1. Dear Pat (Child of God), Self-indulgence is another name for ‘self-seeking’. We all do that, but fail to see just how much it truly hurts others, and mostly Jesus. You can never truly expect others to be all that you wish for them to be. Forgiveness… yes, that is extremely hard sometimes; but we have all been in need of that. I am with you in your prayers for endurance, patience, and calm in the midst of this storm of life. My own Mother had to flee and seek shelter from a very self-seeking man in her past. Sometimes, walking away from the psychological damage is what is best for us. May the Lord Jesus direct you towards the best decision. Either way, don’t let hate overwhelm you. Put it all in God’s Hands and trust that whatever you do, He will take care of you. Timothy

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