Abraham: Hospitality – Day 2

Read Genesis 18:1 – 7

Abraham types use money and other resources—however much or little—as opportunities to show God’s loving-kindness to others. They view their personal resources, which are tangible expressions of their money, as means to bless others because that is part of why they, like Abraham, exist. “All nations on earth will be blessed through him” (Gen. 18:18). They realize the blessings they’ve personally received afford an opportunity to prepare a table full of choice food for a stranger or friend, sheltering them from life’s pressures at the hearth of their hospitality—and doing this brings them fulfillment.

Abraham types, who are very others-centered with their approach to money, don’t use their resources for the purpose of drawing attention to themselves, but to point to the goodness of God while at the same time encouraging the hearts of the ones receiving. Serving others with resources is not an act of drudgery for this type.

Essentially, Abraham types reveal the hospitality of God, the One who desires to care for and comfort his children with special kindness. Abraham types go out of their way and over the top to make certain those in their sphere of influence feel valued, accepted, and empowered, and they use the full force of their resources to send this message.

Abraham promised his mysterious guests a little water and a morsel of bread; he delivered a full-course meal from the choicest of his stock—the best he had to give. Similarly, Abraham types go above and beyond what is promised or even expected to ensure that others have not only what they need, but also what they desire. Abraham types underpromise and overdeliver because they see money as a great resource to make an everyday moment, or a person, feel special.

When it comes to money, their first concern is not how far they can stretch a dollar, but rather how they can create pleasurable experiences for others, experiences that surprise and delight. For example, when invited to gatherings, instead of bringing a four-dollar Vegetable tray, if they can afford it, Abraham types will likely show up with a rack of ribs and a couple of sides. Because of this core characteristic, Abraham types will commonly spend a larger-than-usual portion of their incomes on meals, gifts, or other means of showing exceptional hospitality.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn about the Isaac money type.


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