I am sorry my friend!

I did something stupid tonight, posted and deleted, Sorry I was very embarrassed I did that.

Please Forgive me! C!!

PS I am digging a deeper grave.

81 thoughts on “I am sorry my friend!

          1. Wow that’s a long time. It will be a very special moment for you . I lost my dad when I was 17 years old. We were close . I miss him. I always wondered what it would have been like to have him around .


          2. I love and FORGAVE my dad, This is in the open blog and I am very happy to see him again. Sweetie, you are special to me.
            Thank you for your comforting words and especially your prayers. I know you are a good woman of God. God Bless you and yours. Talk later.

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    1. Love u in the Lord as well. I m watching a show with Toby that he told me, loves his therapist Pastor and he is finding out about himselfThings I have been telling him for years. We might end up with a very God blessed marriage after all. I have been waiting a long time..


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