Suffer the Little Children

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When “Good Morning America” recently showcased eleven-year-old “drag queen,” Desmond Napoles, and celebrated him as “amazing” and “inspiring” I had to wonder if host Michael Strahan could taste the fetid dirt on these, his own words.

Have we lost our minds, people?

I mean, I can’t even sit with my eighteen-year-old son in the lounge at the local Red Robin Restaurant–no one under 21 in the bar area, even when accompanied by a parent. (I keep telling them that Jakob hasn’t thrown food in seventeen years, but they won’t budge.) 

But this…really?

Turns out, Desmond has marched in New York’s Gay Pride Parade at the ripe old age of eight AND has been entertaining grown men in gay nightclubs for some time as well.  

Besides the fact that as a minor performing in gay bars, he is fueling the fantasies of pervs, I am also concerned about what…

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3 thoughts on “Suffer the Little Children

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging my post. This situation breaks my heart–the normalization of pedophilia and other perversions is becoming mainstream and politically correct.

    As Christians we must shine light on the darkness and call it what it is: evil and of the devil (you can’t spell devil without evil–just realized that…interesting.) God bless you and yours! Hang tough and keep shining the light, friend!

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    1. There is nothing I love more then children. I was sexually abused from the age of 13 until 17. Was raped at 17 as well. Nothing is worse then using LITTLE CHILDREN I wish there was more I could do. Please post more and let me know so I can reblig and ask my followers to do the same. Aan 7 years old only evil can do that. I hate the sin and almost can’t not hate the sinnner. I want to punish harsly all that use and hurt the beautiful innocent little one. I cannot read all that people posts. Sometimes I just like those I know post good m blessed to know you, I mean on the blog that touches me profoundly. Keep it up I pray for children a lot. My problems where nothing compared to what you put the light on. The perversity is disgusting.


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