Joseph: Connection – Day 5

Read Genesis 41

Joseph types view their money and other resources as means to make connections. Interestingly, the name Joseph literally means “may he add,” and he was always connecting one thing to another. Joseph types live in this same vein. They see the relatedness in all things. They form connections between ideas, products, processes, and relationships. They view money as a tool to build bridges between seemingly unrelated parts, creating a cohesive whole where one entity is connected to and draws strength and opportunity from another.

Joseph types view money as a means to open doors of opportunity for themselves and others. Because Joseph properly stewarded resources in Potiphar’s home, in prison, and for Pharaoh, he was continually promoted and advanced in his career, even when all odds forecasted certain demise. The way he handled resources unlocked potential in his life, making way for him to become the most powerful person in the land, and also opening doors of opportunity for his family—all because of the way he held resource management in high regard, and the way he trusted and listened to God’s activity in his life. For Joseph types, it’s never solely about the money, but rather what the money makes possible. They’re connecting the now to the not yet, and resources, properly stewarded, are skeleton keys to unlock the future.

Joseph types believe money should be used to forge and strengthen relationships, helping them make needed connections. We see in Joseph’s life in Egypt that his stewardship continually afforded him access and connection to important people around him: given charge over inmates in prison; granted stewardship over Potiphar’s home; anointed as second-in-command over all Egypt—all because he knew what to do with resources. Joseph types believe money should be used to initiate and strengthen relationships; they’ll use resources at their disposal to gain access and opportunity to those they believe they need in their lives. They use their money to network and build relationships, and because of this, their calendars are full with lunch and coffee appointments. They’re always with somebody.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn about the Moses money type.


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