Possibly sleeping Christians-here’s some quick tips…

Embers for Wildfire

When you get into a place where your doubting, feeling hopeless, feeling disconnected from God, depressed, like giving up, confused, fearful, unsure, impatient… 😱where it’s hard to see clearly & your foggy headed… or maybe you have completely lost sight of what your even doing with God… you may be in a wilderness place!! You also may be asleep. I believe these are different and you could be dealing with both. Either way if you want the quick way out here are some VERY VALUABLE TIPS:

#1 remember the TRUTH (IDENTITY)-

who He is & who YOU are in Jesus. Remember all that He has done & His goodness & faithfulness. Look behind you to remember what He has done & how you first fell in love with Him…Satan is working overtime to make us forget who He is & who we are. When you believe his lies, your giving…

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