Aaron: Humility – Day 7

Read Exodus 28:1 – 29

At their core, Aaron types believe money should be used as a means to serve others. They carry a strong sense of duty or obligation to use their resources for other people’s benefit. When it comes to money, Aaron types first think of the needs of the world around them and then turn attention to their own needs. They’re sacrificial with finances. In Aaron’s life, we rarely if ever see him focused on his own financial needs; he simply serves the Lord and the people, and God provides for him through the people and their sacrifices and offerings.

Both Aaron and Abraham types are similar in their others-centered inclinations and actions. Their motivations differ, however. Whereas an Abraham type is primarily motivated to put others first out of a desire that another will experience joy, delight, or feel noticed through hospitality, Aaron types are inherently motivated out of a sense of duty and responsibility to provide for another person in need—it’s just the right thing to do.

Abraham types may use money to help others feel special and noticed; Aaron types view money as a way to make certain all is square and just, that needs are addressed. They just want things to be right, which is what we’d expect from an Aaron type whose namesake was a priest who spent his days making certain that every detail of the law was followed precisely pertaining to resources in the form of sacrifices and offerings. Certainly, the Scriptures teach that all people should provide for those in need, and any responsible person who has an inclination toward any of the money types will do so. For Aaron types, however, this inclination is a primary motivation for how they relate to money, and it stems from their basic belief that money should be used to help others.

Aaron types reveal to us the image of a God who serves the people according to their needs, who enters into the most disgusting and deplorable situations to bring about reconciliation and renewal. Aaron, like the Lord, serves the people in love and humility. Aaron types will inspire you with their level of carefree trust, which enables them to use money in others-centered ways.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn about the David money type.


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